Regression Soul Therapy


Deep Memory Process®

Deep Memory Process®, developed by Dr. Roger Woolger, a Jungian Psychotherapist, is a practical and highly effective therapy of the soul, which combines active imagination (Jung), bodywork (Reich), and pyschodrama (Moreno) with shamanic/spirit journeying and integration between lifetimes derived from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. 

Deep Memory Process® has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals and changed the way many others perform therapy and healing with their clients. Where many Past Life Regression therapies focus mainly on the mental level, DMP transforms body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously. Traumatic imprints can become active in our current lives as fears, phobias, negativity, chronic medical conditions, and repeating unhealthy relationship patterns. Although some issues are a result of current life trauma, most can be traced back to a core wounding that may have affected many lifetimes. DMP actively engages the client in the process for lasting results that are often profound and deep cathartic healing may occur within just a few sessions. 

A belief in past lives is not a requirement. Know that your psyche will create a story that will, in effect, provide the release for whatever your soul needs at the time for healing. This again is what Carl Jung referred to as active imagination.

Regression Therapy for the Soul

I have completed Woolger Training International‘s two year program in North America to become a Deep Memory Process® Practitioner.

Woolger Training International and Deep Memory Process® are recognized by the International Board for Regression Therapy and European Association of Regression Therapy.

What can you expect?

Prior to your appointment, we will have a conversation regarding some basic current life conditions and I will forward a short video for you to watch. At the appointment, we will review any questions or concerns you may have and then begin the session. You will be asked to lie on a mat on the floor for the duration of the session, so please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. I would suggest that women keep their eye makeup to a minimum prior to the session as most people are more comfortable wearing an eye mask. Following the session, we will have a brief discussion and I can suggest practices for integration of the material uncovered and it is recommended that you take the rest of the day for gentle processing. Thoughts or questions can naturally arise following your session so, I am available for a followup conversation. Many clients find tremendous healing after one session however, some core complexes may unravel throughout several sessions.

"In order to see, we must step out of the picture.” – Sri Aurobindo

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” – Rumi

Regression Soul Therapy




What is it?

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. The word shaman originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. Anthropologists coined this term and have used it to refer to the spiritual and ceremonial leaders among indigenous cultures worldwide. Amy prefers to call herself a Soul Worker as she feels the term shaman should be reserved for people of indigenous ancestry. The word shamanism can be used to describe the ancient spiritual practices found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day. 

Many formalized religions, from Buddhism to Christianity, came from ancient shamanic roots and still bear the shamanic threads of deep connection to the divine in all things. But shamanism itself is not a formalized system of beliefs or an ideology. Rather, it is a group of nature based and cosmological activities and experiences shared by shamans in cultures around the world. These practices are adaptable and coexist with different cultures, systems of government, and organized religious practices. 

How can it benefit you?

Just as in ancient times, contemporary people consult with modern day shamanic practitioners for practical and pragmatic solutions to problems in everyday life-from personal illness, professional challenges, or family discord to ancestral issues.

Shamanic practitioners work in voluntary, ecstatic trance states, which alter their consciousness to travel to the realms of the invisible worlds. Their ability to gain information and make changes in the invisible realms is dependent upon the working relationships they develop with spirits there. In this sense, shamanism is a relationship-based practice of making changes in invisible realms to impact healing, of individuals or communities, in the realm of ordinary reality.

For some peoples, such shamanic practice is part of their dominant culture, for others it is directly contradictory. Some individuals are intuitively guided to seek help from a contemporary shamanic practitioner, often when other options have been exhausted, without even understanding what a shamanic pratitioner is or how they work.

Shamanic Energy Work




Usui Shiki Ryoho

Reiki Is a Japanese concept translated as “Universal Life Energy.” The phrase was coined by Mikao Usui to describe the energy that he had contacted through years of self-preparation and dedication. It is a hands-on energy practice of stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing of self and others. The word healing is used in the sense of regaining harmony and wholeness. Usui Shiki Ryoho addresses the whole person on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and those that we cannot identify at the present.

Reiki for Children

Reiki can assist children struggling with recurring night terrors, anxiety with new schools or changes at home, along with everyday stresses that come as they grow.

Reiki for Animals

Reiki has proven to be highly effective in treating animals with separation anxiety, conditions related to aging, adapting to new environments such as the case with rescue animals.


Which Process Should I Choose?

Although DMP Regression Therapy has a strong shamanic component, I believe that Shamanic Sessions can be extremely beneficial as a complimentary or stand alone therapy. Reiki is effective in bringing energies back into balance while in a relaxing and meditative state and can be a great introduction to energy work for someone who is just discovering a more holistic approach to overall well-being.

Feel free to contact me so that we may determine, together, what is best for your situation.

Regression Therapy, Shamanic Sessions, and Reiki are all forms of soul level spiritual practice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace conventional medical assistance. 

Should you have any specific medical conditions, please consult a medical practitioner.